Tool ‘Private Security’ Harasses Fans At Concert


A Tool fan named POCKETB00K1337 unloaded on Maynard James Keenan and security guards in a new Reddit post. Maynard James Keenan reportedly is not ready to play a surprising Tool song live.

“Hello fellow Tool fans. A lot of buzz about the Toronto shows. I was fortunate to attend the 2nd night. I counted down the days. Could hardly sleep nights before. The excitement was REAL.

I get to the venue and get to my seats… They are amazing! Isle seats in the 100lv. I look to my left.. and there is an ENTIRE row empty. I thought to myself.. that’s odd? The announcement comes on warning everyone to not take out their phones or they will be removed from the show. Ok, no problem. I’ve seen a perfect circle live. I know the drill.

Lights go out… I’m buzzing with excitement. First song hits. I look to my left again at the empty row I saw earlier and there are a bunch of security standing in the row… TALKING to each other and BLOCKING the people sitting behind them. It was a “base” for them to monitor people. They consistently walked all around my section shining lights, climbing over chairs and barriers to kick people out. They were NOT casually standing around looking for cell phone users. They were actively hunting people… and in the process put a significant dent in the amazing show we were trying to watch.”

A Tool concert ejection threat was caught on camera. The Reddit user added, “Eventually I get fed up with the disruptions and I head out to speak with security management. The response I got was “We are really sorry sir. We are annoyed at their tactics too but there is nothing we can do about it because it’s not our team… It’s a team that is with the band and they are hired by the band. It’s all part of the show.”

Please, for the sake of your fans that you are trying to create an experience for – tell them to shut up. Not stand or climb in front of people. The idea of not having cell phones at your show is great. I understand the vibe it gives and the energy it creates. But come on…. I would have honestly just rather people had their phones out. I paid big money for this experience only to have it ruined by chatty, aggressive security thugs. Thankfully they toned down towards the drum solo so I got to get in the zone for a few songs.

Feel like I missed a lot of the show and really bummed about it. What I was able to enjoy was amazing and I wish I had more of that. Rant over. Hopefully it doesn’t fall on deaf ears. Thank you. Spiral out.” A mask ban at Tool shows was recently revealed.