Twin Peaks Star Surprises Fans On Podcast


Twin Peaks star Amy Shiels, who portrays Candie, made a surprise appearance on Obnoxious and Anonymous’ Twin Peaks Thought of the Day fan podcast hosted by Cameron Cloutier and Hal Brandt last week.

Cameron asked Amy if Candie has a full closet of those outfits or if Candie wears the same one every day.

She responded, “That’s a good question. I’m not allowed to answer anything! But I do know that she looks great in that costume every day. I love that she just wears it to everything, to the insurance office, to the hospital, to work, at home.”

She added, “I think it’s wonderful, it’s responsible. It means that you don’t need to have a different outfit all the time.”

She was also sworn to secrecy as well when asked if she would appear on an audiobook for Mark Frost’s new Twin Peaks book, the followup to 2016’s Secret History of Twin Peaks. She portrayed Special Agent Tammy Preston in the Secret History audiobook.

Watch the appearance below, followed by an update from a crew member on what could be next for Twin Peaks and David Lynch following the Season 3 finale earlier this month.

Twin Peaks Director of Photography Peter Deming was asked about what’s next for David Lynch and Twin Peaks in a new Indie Wire interview, and he thinks people need to give Lynch some time. “This was such a huge undertaking for David, it probably took four and half years of his life and certainly from the beginning of shooting until it aired it was literally seven days a week for him,” said Deming. “I haven’t seen him since the premiere. I’m sure I’ll connect with him this fall and see what’s on his mind.”