Two Major Metal Singers Will Sing With Linkin Park: ‘It Keeps Changing’


Avenged Sevenfold frontman M. Shadows discussed performing at Linkin Park’s upcoming Hollywood Bowl Chester Bennington memorial show in a new Revolver interview.

“Well, the song we’re going to be doing keeps changing, so I don’t want to say anything yet. I basically told Mike [Shinoda], ‘We’re going to be the easiest guys you’ve ever dealt with. Just tell us the song we’re singing the day before, if you have to, and we’ll nail it.’ He said, ‘No, no, don’t worry about that — you’re doing this song.; And then, I get a text from him a week later saying, ‘Okay, Jonathan Davis is gonna do that. How bout you do this one?’ So I don’t know for sure what we’re going to do at this point, but we’ll see.”

He added, “I wasn’t close with Chester. I’d only met him in passing, but I am very close with Mike, and I also play a lot of golf with Dave [Farrell]. Mike’s one of those guys where, we’d always go to Coachella together, and we’d play each other demo versions of our new records and talk about producers; we became pretty close, him, me and Brian [Synyster Gates]. So when this happened … it’s hard losing a friend, and it’s also hard seeing a friend go through something that you had pretty recently gone through, yourself.”

“Yeah, and I think being on the other end of it, you kind of know how to respond a little better. Because people don’t really know how to respond to something like this; they don’t know if they’re reaching out too much or not reaching out enough, or they’re saying too much or not saying enough. For me, I know that there’s really nothing you can say. So I told them that, and said, ‘We’re there for you; whenever you need something, just let us know.’ We reached out a few times, but you try to stay out of their way and let them mourn, let them try to figure it out. Because there’s nothing anyone can really say to you at that point.”