Gene Simmons Beach Photo With Young Women Leaks


The legendary and rockin’ bassist for KISS, Gene Simmons recently the impressive news that his lineup of MoneyBag brand sodas is now available in the Hotter Than Hell tropical paradise of St. Lucia! Gene Simmons loses weight’ in a stunning new photo.

Simmons took to social media via Twitter to proclaim the news as he wrote: ” Gene Simmons MoneyBag Sodas now available in St. Lucia Join us in the Caribbean for yum, fun and sun!” Tagging the family-friendly, All-inclusive St. James’s Club Morgan Bay resort in the original post as well, as that is the main spot where you can purchase the sodas in St. Lucia. You can view Simmons’ full tweet below. KISS icon Gene Simmons drops original lineup reunion bombshell.

In other news regarding Gene Simmons and KISS, fans recently took to the fan forum to discuss how they became fans of the ‘hottest band in the land. User Mystogan stated: “I’m 23 and about 12 years ago my Dad showed me Phantom Of The Park. I thought it was cheesy but I loved the songs especially “God Of Thunder” in the credits. Something about the visual of the band interested me in a way a band hadn’t before. So slowly I listened to various songs on my MP3 player. I got Gene’s book from the library and when I was reading it my Dad gave me some of his KISS CDs. When I played Psycho Circus for the first time I was in. It was a done deal after hearing the title track. I thought this is my band and I went from there and grew way obsessed. They were the first band to ever strike me in this way and everything started from the day I listened to Psycho Circus.” Gene Simmons announces new singer on KISS 2020 tour.