U2 Savagely Humiliate Jay Leno


David Letterman was back on stage in Los Angeles Wednesday night with U2’s Bono and The Edge. David Letterman has stated before that U2 are one of his favorite bands, and so naturally, it only made sense for the famed host to be there for the world premiere of the Disney+ documentary Bono and The Edge: A Sort of Homecoming with Dave Letterman.

As the night went on, everyone started cracking jokes at one another in typical Letterman fashion.

During a Q&A session, Edge was asked why he and his bandmate thought to bring Letterman along on their cinematic journey.

As reported by Deadline – Edge said: “Well, being honest, the first idea was Jay Leno. We’re huge fans (of Dave), have been for a long time. We’ve known Dave for many years and he was foolish enough once to invite us to play for an entire week on The Late Show. It was very brave of him.”

Bono added that Letterman helped fill the void left by U2’s Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr., who didn’t take active roles in the documentary. “If your two good-looking members have gone AWOL,” he said, “we needed to bring in some really great storytellers. So here we have two great storytellers.”

David Letterman took more of a heartfelt approach to answering questions and commentary.

Speaking on the film, Letterman would state: “I’ve been in television and this sort of thing since I was 18. And at this stage of my life to have been a part of this — tonight’s the first time I’ve seen [the film] in person — was just a gift. What a lovely piece of work. I’m so pleased, so proud. And I don’t know how it happened exactly. I dunno why it happened, but this kinda makes the first 35 years of being in television well worth the effort.”

He did make one quip though. Asked what he had learned about U2 by visiting their native turf, Letterman said: “I had not been to Dublin — and I had a sense of this at the airport, but it was confirmed the longer I stayed in Dublin. In Dublin, I am so much more popular than U2. I think that’s my biggest takeaway.”