The Beatles Member ‘Begged’ For Reunion Before Death


George Harrison, the iconic late guitarist of the Beatles was the subject of conversation during a new Ringo Starr interview with MSNBC. The storied drummer of the Beatles discussed a wide variety of topics on the network’s show, Morning Joe. Here, Starr discusses Paul McCartney’s contributions to Starr’s 1973 solo album entitled “Ringo”. Alternative Nation transcribed the comments of Starr and host, Joe Scarborough. He also discussed George Harrison trying to get him to reunite with the band after he quit, even putting flowers in the studio when he came back for the first time.  Ringo Starr revealed recently if John Lennon hated George Harrison.

Scarborough: You would say later in the book he [Paul McCartney]’s always been very generous. It reminded me of one of my favorite albums, Ringo, the 1973 album where Six O’Clock, which [is] just an incredible song. It still holds up all these years later but also the first 45, [and] half the people won’t know what the is but the first 45 that I ever bought was You’re Sixteen.

Ringo: Oh wow, yeah.

Scarborough: Tell the story about how Paul [McCartney] and what people called the Gazoo.

[Ringo makes noises with his hands]

Ringo: He just did it with his hand.

Scarborough: That was his big contribution right?

The Beatles revealed George Harrison ‘smoking’ before death photo the other day. Ringo: Yeah but that is how we were. You know there were four of us, that means sounds, you know, I’ve actually played boxes for the drums. We play if it was around or if we felt it was needed. So he went into the gazoo on the track. Yet, that record and I was flashing back on that record, I was flashing back on that because everybody is on it.

Later in the interview, Starr exposed how he was getting telegrams from the acclaimed late guitarist for the Beatles, George Harrison and what he did for him when Starr got back to Abbey Road. Ringo told Scarborough the following quote:

Starr: I was getting telegrams in though days. You know, “Come on home, come on back, we love you”. When I got back to Abbey Road, it was full of flowers that George [Harrison] had arranged. The whole place was flower madness, flower power. Anyway, that was my moment then. George Harrison stole this huge money from John Lennon.