Unsane Vocalist Talks New Album And State of Punk








New York has always been a place where great underground music flourished. One of the most notable band’s from this state is Unsane, one of the biggest and best noise rock bands to exist. I was recently able to interview founding member, Chris Spencer on topics such as the new album, Sterilized as well as other fun stuff.

How did the writing process for the new album go and how would you compare it to others?


We had a about six months to work on it. I did most of it at my house. Thanks to the internet, Dave and I were able to go back and forth on a lot of shit. We wrote a shitload of songs, I think about 18 total. We had to cut some. These songs were probably good, it’s just we wanted to focus on what we all want. We went around to Yucca Valley, we hung out for a week in the desert it was pretty amazing.


Why did you choose Sterilize for the name of the album?


I feel New York City as well as other cities in America are being sterilized of culture. When I first went to New York when I was a kid, people were doing stuff all over the place and now I feel like so many places have been closed and changed for the consumer.


Any tour to promote this new album?


In about 3 weeks we are going to Europe and then doing five weeks in Europe. We then play at St.Vitus with the Cherubs, then 5 weeks in America and hopefully Japan and Australia after that.


I see Southern Lord is putting out this record. Any relationship with owner Greg Anderson?


I had a band with members of Today is the Day and that band was signed to Southern Lord. So I had some contact with Greg. Initially we were talking about going with Alternative Tentacles, but I think we spent too much money for them and then so I was like “shit what i’m going to do” and one morning I went on a road trip to Texas where I am now and I sent up a band camp type thing to Greg and said “would you be interested?”. Two to five hours later i got a phone call and we went from there. I honestly think this is our best record.


What do you think about the state of punk rock today?


I want to see some new shit. Punk rock has been done. We got horrible bands like Rancid still around who barely fit the name. So many different kind of music can fall under that umbrella. I pay more attention to noise rock nowadays. This band from Kansas city called Bummer, formally Fucking Bummer were a great band. Chicago has many great bands. Plackmarks is awesome too. It’s all noise rock which I feel fits punk rock and is it’s own thing.