Van Halen Fans Get Refund After Return Concert


Eddie Van Halen fans were excited by Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony performing live for the first time since Eddie’s passing for Sammy’s birthday PPV. Eddie’s last photo with his son was just revealed.

Sammy Hagar and The Circle have been on touring hiatus since the pandemic, but their comeback show did not go off without a hitch, as fans were angry about technical problems watching the PPV online. Alternative Nation transcribed Sammy Hagar’s conversation with two angry fans, including one who is getting a refund from his credit card company.

One fan told Hagar, “Hate to be a buzkill. I got charged twice. No customer service and no feels. No connection to the television. No no no. Epic fail.”

Hagar responded, “I paid twice myself, and it stopped 10 minutes before the ending and then started again thank God but hey. It will be all over the place on YouTube etc. I’m sure and I could care less if it’s free to everyone thank you for trying it was bad ass what I saw!”

Another fan told the Red Rocker, “love you Sam, but Nugs tv was a bunch of BS to state it lightly. Couldn’t get it to start for 30 minutes. I had 3, 5 minute glitches that just stopped the stream. Customer service was no help. I’ll be having my CC charge back this crap. You seem to always have issues of some sort. This isn’t the first.”

Sammy shot back, “Yep there was a few people that had problems I had a couple myself not too bad sorry about what happened to you I don’t have control over any of that I only have control or what I do on stage and it was awesome I really hope you can see the show someday because it was special.” Sammy Hagar got ‘buzzed’ in a new video after the show.