John Lennon ‘Getting Hard’ Comment Finally Revealed


Late The Beatles member John Lennon’s official Instagram account recently sent out the cartoon and vintage and original political poem that Lennon wrote from 1965 called ‘The General Erection’ – a play on words ‘general election’ and very timely given the fact that the United Kingdom just had their election over there. You can view it below. John Lennon goes to ‘sleep’ before dying in this eerie photo.

In other news regarding John Lennon and the Beatles fans of the ‘Fab four’ recently took to social media via Reddit to discuss what they felt is the most overrated song ever put out by The Beatles.

Sweetjane96 casually suggested: “I Want to Hold Your Hand.” It is not their worst song or anything. It is a sweet song, but I mean its just kind of a pointless, uninteresting pop song. Rolling Stone has it as their second-best song ever and I’ll never understand that. There are other early Beatles songs better than that.”

This John Lennon in wheelchair before death photo was recently revealed. Fellow Reddit user UpDoor agreed by stating: “I keep hearing it slowed way down with some quirky acoustic guitar in some Christmas commercial and I’m getting sick of it!”

While other the Beatles superfans debated the merits of Strawberries Fields. Whoocateli123 put: “I like the songs but everyone is always saying Strawberry Fields is so revolutionary when it just isn’t compared to other songs. It is one of my top five songs though.”

John Lennon’s ‘greatest lover’ in bed was just revealed. Bill_from_atlantis replied to that by writing: “It’s certainly revolutionary in its production approach. Up to that point the Beatles never spent as much time on one song as that particular track. It was fifty-five hours of rehearsing, arranging, performing, mixing and editing, and that basically set the precedent for recording artists today to labor over their work. Strawberry Fields was one of the first songs to have that kind of time put into it.”