Van Halen Icon Calls Out A-List Actor For Allegedly Groping Boys


Kevin Spacey has been accused of groping and attempting to rape several boys and young men in the last year and a half, and Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth is now weighing in on The Roth Show. USA Today reported in fall 2017, “The first accusation of sexual misconduct against Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey landed on Oct. 29, and a little more than a week later more than a dozen men — including five who said they were teens at the time — have come forward to allege he sexually harassed, assaulted or attempted to rape them.” Alternative Nation transcribed Roth’s comments about Spacey.

“This is an idea, an issue that confronts a lot of artists. [For example] Kevin Spacey, there’s controversy because he hit on the pool boy – Javier or whoever that was. The guy who got hit on is in the next story actually.

Yet, do you retire all of Kevin’s work because of controversy? Some folks would say absolutely because it’s a terrible example, and they took him out of a movie, he’s in no more movies, that’s a selective [thing], but do you now retire his movies having now found out something difficult?

And, I’ll use a sensitive word, but you found out something difficult so do you retire his movies from the TV set and refuse to ever show it? Michael Jackson – the same thing.”

Anthony Rapp, an actor on Star Trek: Discovery, told BuzzFeed in an interview on October 29, 2017 that Spacey made sexual advances in 1986, when he was 14, in Spacey’s New York apartment. Spacey issued a statement saying he was “beyond horrified” to hear the accusation, insisting he didn’t remember the encounter but apologizing to Rapp.