Eddie Vedder Family Makes Emotional Illness Announcement


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder’s wife Jill has announced that May is the awareness month for mental illness/mental health. The Grunge community has been hit hard by Chris Cornell and Kurt Cobain dying by suicide, who both also suffered from addiction.

Jill Vedder wrote on Instagram, “May is mental heath awareness month … 1 out of 5 people live with a mental health condition .. maybe you could be the 1 that helps 💚 … A wise man once said ..’Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of but stigma and bias shame us all’ #breakthestigma #talk #support #listen #eachmindmatters & May the fourth be with you all 💚”

Fans commented:

“Thank you, Jill. As a young woman with bipolar disorder, people are always quick to judge and assume the worse. I’m still a human being. I just feel more than the average person. When I was diagnosed, I stayed in denial for the longest due to the horrible stigma that surrounds manic depression. I didn’t want to be labeled ‘crazy’ by society.

I still hesitate to mention it to people that I have it. Sometimes I avoid it all together. Not many people care enough to understand let alone attempt to educate themselves. Thankfully, your husband’s music helps me get through each day, So thank you for bringing light to this. Much love. ❤️”

“Thanks for sharing! I have worked in the mental health field for 20 years and gradually see the stigma lessening due to people like you bringing awareness to the world and not being afraid to talk about it. Thank you so much!!”

“Hi! I’m a psych nurse and a big part of my job is dealing with people who’s families and friends ‘don’t believe’ mental illness is real! People won’t get help! Thank you for spreading the message!! People could be so much happier if they would just get help!!!”

You can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

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    Wow! That is one hell of a misleading headline!

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    —-Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of but stigma and bias shame us all.

    You left out some words:

    —-Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of but -joining those declaring- stigma and bias shame us all.

  • Gary Reilly

    Stooping to new lows. On this subject at least, they could have made a headline which isn’t misleading out of respect for those who suffer from this.

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