Van Halen Icon Reveals Most Disturbing Drug He Used


On David Lee Roth’s podcast, the Van Halen singer made some bizarre connections about gateway drugs. From a conversation about Cuban coffee, Roth decided to proclaim himself to be the leader of a generation during a humorous bit.

Roth jokes, “The trouble with Cuban coffee for me is that a week later, I’m drowsy again.”

Dave: “I kind of represent midnight when everybody’s guilty. I don’t know when your first cigarette was or your gateway drug. The original gateway drug I think for most Americans is an ice cold Budweiser, a July afternoon, and a Marlboro cigarette from the red and white package. I’d like to say that I frequently add to this that I personally led a generational prison break. But we bribed the guards with Budweiser, Marlboros- you following my reasoning. That’s the original gateway drug.”

After a quick laugh on that reflection he continues…

Dave: “Some people want to talk about pot, no that’s a Budweiser. Not even. That’s like a light beer. It’ll metabolize for me way quicker than 2 light beers. You’re gonna get all the B-list material. And I’m gonna think it’s the funniest thing I ever heard. And I become increasingly easier to entertain when I’m drinking.”

Roth decides he more of a fan of alcohol.

Dave: “If I smoke pot, no. I turn into my mom.”