Matt Cameron ‘Feels Protective’ Of Eddie Vedder


Matt Cameron discussed the differences between Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell in a new Seattle Today Podcast interview.

PJLucaina recapped on the Soundgarden Reddit, “General PJ is from 45 minutes on – he talks about how he came into the band and the moment he decided he wanted permanently in: he was at a beach with them and he went into “security mode” with Eddie while in a crowd, feeling very protective of him, which is the way he was with Chris.

He talks about how the songwriting is different with Eddie and Chris – Chris would bring in more complete demos, while Eddie would bring in finished ideas with rougher demos and the rest of the guys would develop fine-tuned versions from those. Going back to Chris, he said Chris would never be demanding with his demos – like, he wouldn’t say, you need to do this part exactly like this, they would go with what they felt was right and feel it out/work it between the band but sometimes, the demo itself would be ready to go as is.

His own songwriting felt stylistically different from the rest of PJ and it took them a couple of albums before they warmed up to his style. He didn’t push it because he didn’t want to be the guy coming into an established band with “guns blazing.”

All of PJ was welcoming, but he specifically praised Eddie for being a total sweetheart and making sure he was good. ‘Just Breathe’ is mentioned (the song was all Eddie) and Matt says that he is a fan of Eddie’s acoustic work and hopes he does more of that.

The major PJ section is 45 minutes in and lasts for like 15 minutes. He tosses in a mention of TOTD, as part of the story of him being on the demos that would eventually get Eddie to be part of PJ.

It’s a great interview.”