Van Halen Icon Reveals Truth About Motley Crue After Ugly Fight


Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar has much love for Motley Crue and Tommy Lee, despite Van Halen and Motley Crue having tension in the past after an ugly fight.

Hagar wrote on Instagram, “Getting down at the Cabowabo mid 90s with Tommy Lee sitting in #greatdrummer #tommylee #cabowabo #jamming #1995 #throwbackthursday.” The photo is more likely taken around 2002 due to Lee’s tattoos.

Doc McGhee said on Talk Is Jericho about the past issues between Van Halen and Motley Crue, “Of all the bands I’ve had, they were probably the most — they were more like a gang than a band. They had their own little things they would do, they would bite people,” he explained. “You’d be on the bus, and of course they were chemically induced most of the time, and they’d come and bite you on the shoulder like a dog. They bit Eddie Van Halen at a dinner!”

AC/DC were also at the dinner.

“We’re in Sweden, and they thought, ‘Well, there’s Eddie, I’ll go bite him.’ It turned into a huge fight,” he continued. “I [went through] that every day with the Crüe. You apologized every day. We got thrown out of every hotel with them. We got thrown out of Howard Johnson’s and motels, and we had to put up $15,000 in cash just to get into a Howard Johnson’s.”

“I get back to the hotel and they get thrown out of the hotel, so we have to move hotels. … They moved us to some youth hostel or some s— in Sweden. I sat ’em down and I go, ‘That was really fun last night, wasn’t it?’ and [drummer Tommy Lee] goes, ‘Yeah, dude, that was a f—ing blast!’ I said, ‘That was a blast?’ ‘Yeah, man — did you see me chase David Lee Roth up the f—ing stairs? I was gonna kick his ass!'”

In a new SiriusXM interview, Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx claimed that Vince Neil bit the hand of Eddie Van Halen, which led to Motley Crue almost being kicked off a tour with Van Halen. Alternative Nation transcribed Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee’s comments.

Tommy: We went through this crazy biting phase were we would just fucking bite you

Nikki: Draw blood.

Tommy: And that only meant that we loved you.

Nikki: Yeah-uh!

Tommy: Everyone is like, ‘Oww, fuck, what the fuck are you doing, dude?’ 

Nikki: Bite the press, we would bite the press!

Trunk: Bite the press?, people interviewing you?!

Nikki: Yeah, we would just be doing some weird interview in the middle of a festival an-

[Host interrupts] 

Host: Tommy is now biting Douglas [Booth].

Nikki: Vince [Neil] once bit Eddie Van Halen’s hand and we almost got thrown off the tour.