Slipknot Member Unloads In Backstage Slapping Video


Slipknot members M. Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan and Jim Root were recently interviewed backstage by Warner Music Canada at a concert, and Clown was annoyed by a mosquito, so he slapped it on camera. Clown said, “This f**king mosquito. See it? It’s right there. Nah, he looks bad. You’re dead, bitch!” Jim Root added, “You got him.” A Slipknot member recently revealed if he hated the new Tool album.

Crahan said about Slipknot’s writing process, “Usually what happens is we’re on a tour cycle, touring the entire world, checking out culture, society, checking out the news, putting our feet in the soil, so to speak. And then we take some time off after that cycle, which is usually to repair our bodies and our brains and our spirituality, whatever that is. And then we get bored. And that’s when we start coming up with ideas. But, again, we can’t repeat what we’ve done. We can use that as a building block.

“When it comes to the stage setup, there’s a lot of what didn’t work in the past, so we try to rebuild to work better for ourselves. More efficiency, so there’s less stress and more time to play and have fun.”

Corey Taylor made a Paul Stanley ‘make out’ revelation last week. Crahan also said about changing things up between album cycles, “Every album cycle, every writing process, almost everything we do is different from the time before. I think we really pride ourselves on reinventing, evolving and not repeating. So, yes, we take elements from the past — some work, some don’t; we bring ’em anyway — but we always try to evolve and look to the future and take a good look at where we’re at, leaving the past behind.” A Slipknot member was recently spotted driving a ridiculous car.

Corey Taylor also announced Knotfest Japan on Thursday. He tweeted, “Japan, get ready.
@knotfestjapan March 20 & 21 // Makuhari Messe with @Korn, @Anthrax + more #KnotfestJapan.”