Van Halen Member Confirms Surprise Comeback Show


Former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar performed a live concert for the first time since Eddie Van Halen’s death yesterday on Catalina Island in California for 200 fans, Alternative Nation has learned. Hagar did the show to celebrate his birthday, ahead of his PPV performance. Van Halen fans just proposed a possible reunion tour with a new guitarist.

Hagar said, “I just did an hour set acoustically at the Cantina from 2 to 3 PM for around 200 fans that have been sitting at tables since this morning. There was another two or 300 outside they can’t get in because of our social distancing rules here in Cabo. It broke my heart but at least I did something.”

Hagar missed his Circle bandmate Michael Anthony onstage, stating, “I sure miss our birthday bash Mikey.”

After filming the PPV performance with The Circle and performing acoustic, Hagar headed down to Baja Mexico for a weeklong vacation, receiving a birthday cake at the airport. Sammy Hagar and the Circle’s PPV performance will air on PPV on October 17th.

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