Van Halen Fans Detail Tour With New Guitarist Proposal


Eddie Van Halen fans have been devastated by his death last week from throat cancer, but some fans on are already proposing an idea for Van Halen to reunite and tour with the band’s surviving current and former members. Eddie Van Halen funeral details also reportedly came out on that same site.

The proposal is for Wolfgang Van Halen to take over for his father on guitar, Michael Anthony to return on bass, Alex Van Halen to play drums, with David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar sharing vocal duties. Fans for years hoped to see a ‘Best of Both Worlds’ tour featuring the original lineup with Sammy Hagar as a guest singer and Wolfgang Van Halen opening, and this concept would revive that idea, without Eddie of course.

Some fans say they would prefer this lineup for a one off tribute concert rather than a full scale tour, much like last year when Soundgarden’s surviving members reunited for a one off performance at the ‘I Am The Highway’ Chris Cornell tribute show in Los Angeles.

Darby first posted, “Van Halen can go on. It’s all up to Wolf. If Wolf takes over on guitar, gets Sam, Mike, and Dave on board, I’d pay to see that show. A lovefest for his pop. Why the fuck not?”

Right Here I Say responded, “This ain’t no Skynyrd show. If they tour, call it something else. DON’T CALL IT VAN HALEN! And yes, I’d pay also.”

The administrator Brett shot down the idea, “That won’t ever happen. And it’s not just up to Wolfgang, there are other people involved and I don’t think any of them want to move forward without Ed. These are men in their 70s or almost their 70s, I don’t think they have a reason to do anything else as Van Halen.

Also, I don’t know about anybody else but I honestly don’t want to see any version of Van Halen that doesn’t have Ed on guitar. That’ll never be anything for me.

I don’t understand why we just can’t accept that it’s over. I think we have to. The king has left the building. Everything ends guys.”

Menlow added, “I’ve seen Van Halen with two different singers and two different bassists, but I could never imagine seeing them with two different guitarists. Not trying to belittle anybody else’s contributions, but there’s no Van Halen without Ed. Time to let it go.”

Nostalgia Act wrote, “A tribute show with all past members contributing? Absolutely I would be interested in that. The band continuing on as Van Halen without Edward? That’s never gonna happen.”

DFVH5150 said, “Yes, of course it’s too early to talk about and think about this or the vaults, I 1-zillion-percent I agree with you, Darby. I thought of the same thing Tuesday night. One tour with Wolf on guitar, Al on drums, Mike on bass, and Dave and Sammy. Extreme opening and Gary joining for a song at the end. It wouldn’t be called “Van Halen” though obviously. Just a one-off to keep the music alive and we’re left with WVH and VH the derivatives after that.

I know most disagree with this, and I’m not sure why because things like this happen a lot, but I honestly see it happening and am hopeful. Someday.”

XK319 concluded, “I would go. And I would feel good about it if it was a happy occasion for the band members looking back with a smile on their face, a celebration of Eddie in effect.

If Wolf said I want to carry on this music one more time for the fans, for my dad, FOR ME, for closure. Let’s go out and have a party every time we play this year for my dad. I would go and be a part of that emotion without a doubt. A party celebrating Ed. This of course is something that would only happen a ways from now. After everyone has moved on from pain to the next stage of someone passing, smiles and memories remembering Ed.” Van Halen’s bassist reacted to a sad David Lee Roth tweet last week.