Van Halen Member Rejects Bizarre Nickelback Request


Van Halen singer David Lee Roth revealed in a new Joe Rogan interview that during his days as a radio host in 2006, he didn’t want to play the things his bosses wanted him to like Nickelback. Alternative Nation reporter Mike Mazzarone transcribed his comments.

Roth: I was broadcasting in seven different cities…

Rogan: Oh that’s right! I forgot you did that.

Roth: Dallas, New York, Philly I think I was in…etc…etc. It turns out what I think that they wanted was a version of Howard Stern. Okay, great I’ll be a third class Howard Stern or a first class David Lee Roth. My approach to it is very different then his would be, we are two very different people. Howard is a personality, it’s all about interaction. I see myself more as a show-person and I’m more ‘music first’. So the first thing I’m gonna pick when we throw a BBQ isn’t the food, or the guest list it’s the music. Well, white people listen to Bob Marley when we are on vacation and when we celebrate we listen to Kool in the Gang. I would play those and the ratings were going up and they were pissing off management.

Rogan: Really?!

Roth: ‘Well we feel that Lynyrd Skynyrd and Nickelback and more appropriate for your audience.’

Rogan: So ratings were going up and they were upset?

Roth: Yes, because you couldn’t reign me in, okay? Now keep in mind I hired Kool in the Gang to open for the Van Halen the tour before last. You have never seen so many people dancing in one place.