Paul McCartney Makes Bold Emma Stone & Olivia Wilde Claim


The Beatles icon Paul McCartney revealed in his new tour blog that actresses Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde showed up at his recent Dodger Stadium show in Los Angeles. McCartney made a bold Leonardo DiCaprio revelation yesterday. The blog states:

“As the sun began its descent and the clear blue sky deepened—and the likes of Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde stealthily slipped into their seats—it would soon be time for Paul to return to the stage at the same stadium where The Beatles played their second to last live concert.

Any and every Paul McCartney show is a singular experience, a once (or if you’re fortunate a few times) in a lifetime nearly three hours and three-dozen-plus songs worth of musical memories—memories of the past and the ones created in real time during the show. This night at Dodger Stadium may well have been one of those magical nights where the latter outweighed the former.

Ringo Starr showed up, and McCartney later made a brutal remark. Something ineffable was in the air, something that kept building without letting up for a millisecond. Magical is no exaggeration, moreover it’s the only way to explain what happens on a night like this: Paul’s vocals soaring up through and out of the stadium and into the surrounding Elysian Park, in perfect sync with the band firing on all cylinders, every note ratcheting up the chemistry between the music and the people on stage and everywhere from the first few rows to the dizzying highest tiers of the cavernous bowl…

It’s impossible to do justice with the written word—music is its own language after all, and Paul’s music is the most beloved dialect of all—and even Paul and the band would be hard pressed to isolate the X factor that catalyzes a show like this one.” Paul McCartney is charging kids surprising money to meet him.