Van Halen Member Reveals Awful Reason He Was Fired


Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth revealed the sad reason he was fired from his radio gig in 2006 after replacing Howard Stern in a new Joe Rogan interview. Alternative Nation reporter Mike Mazzarone transcribed his comments.

Rogan: So what did they say to you before you took the job? What was the conversation when you agreed to do it and what did you think was going to happen as opposed to what did happen?

Roth: Well, what you say and what is real. For example, we discussed commercials and I don’t feel comfortable doing commercials unless it’s for something that I actually use…like sunglasses or cigarettes [laughs] Like the whole Vermont Care Bear thing I had an issue with. So it was uncomfortable from the beginning. I got fired for playing too much ethnic music and late night humor too early in the morning.

Roth and Rogan later discussed the possibility of DLR making a radio return.

Roth: Their exceptions was the funny, the funny, interview the guests and have pop-culture funny guests and the subject matter just as we’ve touched on subjects here that are hilarious and some that are pretty dense. As I call it it’s gonna detonate halfway down the turnpike, ‘oh that’s what he fucking meant!. It’s not stuff that will go away really quick.’

Rogan: Have you thought about doing that now? Like, what if Apple came to you or one of these streaming services and wanted to do something like that?

Roth: They always arrive with expectations and the expectations just as we discussed the three phases of Anna Nicole Smith and Elvis, which Dave are you referring to? [laughs]

Rogan: Right, right.