Eddie Vedder ‘Shocking Drug Like Experience’ Revealed


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder was interviewed at the Innings Festival over the weekend by Ryan Dempster and Sean Casey, and he discussed Pearl Jam being forced to postpone a show in London last year, and how all of the medication he was on made him briefly fear he was playing his final show when the band finally got back onstage. Alternative Nation reporter Mike Mazzarone transcribed his comments.

“So, can I tell you what was going through my mind? That evening in Padova, Italy, I just lost my throat a couple days before. We had to cancel a show in London which only happened once or twice.”

Vedder then said, “You were there for the cancellation? Sorry.” The crowd laughed.

He added, “Maybe it was you. Did I get the cold from you?!”

Vedder described feeling like he was having a hallucinogenic experience onstage, and that a Sean Casey head appeared in the crowd.

He later said, “So then I get a light on him and then I saw it was this thing, so then the challenge was to be able to send Sean [Casey] a video back home of an Italian crowd chanting his name. Which, they got it but phonetically. It was a shocking drug-like experience for me and ever since we’ve carried that head around to every gig.”