Van Halen Member Reveals ‘Dark’ Truth About Divorce


Sammy Hagar recently looked back at his days as a singer in Van Halen talked about brothers Eddie and Alex being all about work all the time, as he says, “367 days a year.”

Hagar was initially a member of the band from 1985 to 1996, recorded four albums with Van Halen, and then once again came back for a brief reunion in the 2000s. Although David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar eras are one of the most prominent division points among the band’s fans, we can always appreciate both in their own way.

But his time in the band came with challenges. As he mentioned in a recent interview with Fox News Digital, the final studio album he did with them, 1995’s “Balance,” was a “dark” time for him and the other members:

“It’s just so dark for Van Halen or for Sammy. Let’s just say Sammy, you know, I’m just not a dark person. I’m Mr. Sunshine. And boy, I was drug [sic] into the darkness between my divorce and my ex-wife not doing so good, trying to help her out and trying to be in a band.”

And, on top of all these problems, Alex and Eddie were all about work and just didn’t feel like stopping:

“And the brothers want to work every day of the year. They wanted to work 367 days a year, and I only wanted to work 360, you know what I mean? So we had a little problem there, but we got it done, and it’s a great record.”