Gene Simmons Leaks Brutal Hospital Bed Video


Iconic KISS bassist Gene Simmons made the day of this superfan who was tragically bedridden at a local hospital. The man whose sister reached out via Twiter posted: “my mom who once forbid my brother listening to @kiss realized she is actually part of the Kiss Army! & realized life is short so we are going to see End Of The Road in February. Please make her day and say hi. Gene Simmons’ beach photo with young women leaks.

To which Simmons responded: “Hi Kelly’s Mom. By the way, don’t be concerned when someone calls her about the KISS Concert.” And, why are you in that bed?”

Gene Simmons loses weight’ in a stunning new photo. In other news regarding Gene Simmons and KISS, fans recently took to the KISSfaq fan forum to discuss how they became fans of ‘the hottest band in the land’. FlamingRuth wrote: “I got into Kiss in 1976 when I saw pictures of Gene covered in blood. I became simultaneously terrified and curious. An older cousin played Shout it Out Loud for me, but never bothered to explain that I was hearing the bloody-faced creature I was obsessed with! Lousy cousins.”

KISS icon Gene Simmons drops original lineup reunion bombshell. The user continued: “A short time later, I was playing at a neighbor’s house and saw KISS posters in her brother’s room. So, of course, I started bothering the kid, asking questions, and thankfully he took the time to explain it all. From then on, until he moved back to Argentina, we were pals and listened to records together. I was 9, he was 14-15. To this day, I’m amazed that he was so nice to me, a little brat from down the street who was supposed to be his sister’s friend. Wherever you are, Albert, thank you. And as a side note, I’m grateful that I grew up in a time and place where a rambunctious little girl could hang out with a shy teenaged boy without people making a fuss over it.”