Van Halen Reunion Bombshell Revealed By Howard Stern


On an episode of The Howard Stern Show this week, Howard said he heard Van Halen is going on tour in 2019, according to He also joked that Robin Quivers should sleep with Eddie Van Halen amidst what’s going on right now.

After a break Howard came right back as Fred was playing Van Halen’s ”Eruption.” Howard listened to that for a short time. He said that guy Eddie Van Halen is the man. He said Robin should be in bed jerking him off with baby powder right now. Howard said every woman should wash Eddie Van Halen’s genitals. He said just listen to this. He said Eddie was at Les Paul’s birthday party and played for him. He said that’s a great video. He said he heard that they might be going out on tour. He said that would be great if they got Michael Anthony back in there.

Howard said he was going to talk about the Monkees but he has to talk to this guy Spencer on the phone. He got caught in a sting at a massage parlor. Spencer said he’s a germaphobe and he didn’t go there for a rub and tug. He said that he got a hair cut and he was coming from an audition. He said that he saw this back and foot massage place. He said he walked in and checked it out. He said this Asian woman came and grabbed his arm. He said he was just checking prices. He said she told him the prices and he asked for 20 minutes for a foot massage. He said the guy told him to remove his pants. He said it was a guy who wanted him to take his pants off. He said he took his pants off and got the foot massage. He said he had 2 minutes left and the vice squad breaks in and tells him to put his pants on. He said that he saw the cops out there and they came to him and asked for his ID. He said he was just getting a foot massage. He said the cop recognized him as a bartender and told him to get the fuck out of there. He said he lucked out.

Howard said that’s a fucked up story. He said he’s glad he got out of that. Spencer said he went to diner with a girl that night and told the story and she looked at him like he was out of his mind.