Vince Neil Can’t Sing ‘Dr. Feelgood’ Chorus In Video


Love the band Motley Crue or hate the band, Vince Neil is one of the most prolific singers of the 1980s. Fans have stuck by their favorite singer since Motley Crue was still playing at small bars trying to get somewhere. Fans always want the best for their favorite artists and Vince is no exception, as some fans recorded Vince Neil recently performing one of the most famous of the Crüe classics.

It’s really hard to judge Vince Neil when he has really been through a lot over the years of consistent touring and daily life happenstance. With so many shows that have happened in his life, his voice is and has always been going to get to a point of giving out. That’s just the unfortunate factors of the aging process.

Obviously, Vince Neil is and has always been very talented in both his singing and his songwriting. This is more of an outsider’s perspective rather than a hit piece on the infamous singer.

At some recent shows with Mötley Crüe, Vince Neil was seen and heard to have been relying heavily on backing tracks for their most famous songs. It must be stated though that Vince Neil has been doing much better physically and vocally than he has in recent past. In fact, Vince Neil sounds the best that he has in just about eight or so years even if he is laying back a bit more. Fans were pretty torn over this though as we see two sides of the fence coming into play. On one side you have fans who also see the improvement and love the direction and then the other side wants more. Vince is looking great and definitely trying to give the fans the best he has. We hope he continues forward at progression.