Watch Alt-Rock Singer Nail Judas Priest Classic


Photo by Ross Halfin

Living Colour’s Corey Glover is quite possibly one of the most underrated singers on planet earth. Name just about any style of music, and Mr. Glover can certainly sing it. But what about the heaviest of heavy metal? Corey answered that question quite clearly recently, when he performed on stage with the great all-female Judas Priest tribute band, Judas Priestess, at the famous Stone Pony in New Jersey – and absolutely NAILED a version of the Priest classic, “Painkiller.”

Check out the video below for the visual/sonic proof. [Note: There is a bit of on-stage chatter at the beginning of the video, so feel free to forward to the song’s beginning at the 4:00 mark…and be sure to pay close attention to the closing screamfest at 9:15, which would undoubtedly make Rob “Metal God” Halford mighty proud]