Watch Chris Cornell’s Wife Worry That He’s ‘Uncomfortable’ Backstage At Audioslave Reunion


An extended video with additional footage from backstage at Audioslave’s reunion performance at the Anti-Inaugural Ball a year ago in Los Angeles has been uploaded. A shorter version surfaced a couple of days ago. This video features new footage of Chris introducing Susan Sarandon to his brother Peter.

It also features Chris’ wife (and now widow) Vicky Cornell appearing to tell the cameraman filming that he is ‘making him uncomfortable,’ seemingly in reference to Chris’ personal space being invaded. Peter Cornell is sitting next to Vicky in part of the video, and Tom Morello, Brad Wilk, Toni Cornell, Juliet Lewis, and Tim Commerford are also seen.

Cornell discusses his desire to play “Gasoline” live on an Audioslave reunion tour. He mentions that Audioslave need to carve out a ‘few week’ time period for a tour, even if it is a ways off. He mentioned how setting a time period is what helped the 2016 Temple of a Dog tour take place.

Watch the new extended backstage video from Audioslave’s final January 2017 performance below.