Watch Dave Grohl Pour Water On Lookalike Fan As He Plays With Foo Fighters


Dave Grohl made a 22-year-old Foo Fighters super-fan named Joey’s dreams come true, after spotting him holding a handmade cardboard sign in the crowd at Suncorp Stadium, requesting the Foos to let him play “Monkey Wrench” with them on guitar.

“Come on now kid, get up here right now,” Grohl told Joey inviting him up onstage in front of 40,000 screaming Foos fans. Joey was dressed just look Grohl, in a signature black t-shirt with a similar hairstyle.

“Are you sure you can play it? The last thing you want to do is come up here and shit the bed in front of 40,000 people in your home town,” Grohl joshed, before handing over his guitar for the 1997 The Colour And The Shape tune.

“Joey’s gonna get some.”

And sure enough, homeboy OWNED it, thrashing the song out on Grohl’s Gibson signature like he was born to do it, complete with running down the catwalk and hamming up the R’n’R theatrics for the crowd.

“Joey, I like your style… black T-shirt and black pants,” Grohl commented on the subject of their conspicuously matching outfits.

Speaking about the life-changing experience with Fairfax following the show, Joey said: “… Words have escaped me as of late with the whole experience. That truly is my biggest dream come true, playing with Fooeys on stage.”

Watch video below and a television interview!