Watch Drunk Eddie Vedder Call Saul Goodman On Family Guy


On Sunday’s episode of Family Guy, the show’s characters watched a fictional television show titled ‘Vedder Call Saul,’ a spoof of the Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul. In the show, Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder calls Saul Goodman to ask for his help after being arrested for drunk driving. Vedder sings all of his lines to Goodman like he sings “Even Flow.” The real Eddie Vedder did not voice the fictionalized Family Guy version.

12-year old Jack West discussed performing with Eddie Vedder last weekend in a new 13Wham interview.

“I was extremely nervous,” West said.

But, it was an opportunity that was too big to pass up.

“Not very many 12-year old’s get to do this,” West said.

West was shocked when was granted the chance to sing alongside Eddie Vedder, lead singer of the rock group Pearl Jam.

They performed before a roaring crowd of 25,000 people at a music festival in Nashville last weekend.

“While we were in the show, his bodyguard finds me in the crowd and pulls me back into the trailer,” West said.
West says he first met Vedder earlier that day in the lobby of a hotel they were both staying in.

“We were talking a lot about my music and what I do and what I play and he was just amazed by my personality and thought I was really cool,” West said.

West says he mustered up the courage to ask if he could sing with Vedder on stage during the festival. After Vedder heard his voice, the wish was granted.

“If you dream of it, you can definitely do it,” West said.

He also said, “As soon as I sat down, he started playing the guitar and the intro and stuff, I started to feel more comfortable.”