Watch Fan Replace Dave Grohl For Foo Fighters Performance: ‘It’s A Crapshoot’


Last week the Foo Fighters brought up an audience member named Pierce to play drums on a cover of “Under Pressure.”

Dave Grohl asked Foo Fighters’ LD to shine the lights on the audience towards the end of the band’s 22-song main set in Birmingham last night. Grohl noticed a crowd member with a sign asking to play “Big Me” with the band. Grohl explained that they had a fan guest last week and now everyone thinks they could perform with Foo Fighters. “It’s a crapshot, this big dog wants to jam with us right now,” Grohl said of fan Jeremy who was brought up on stage. Dave made Jeremy swear he could play the song and had him demonstrate the chords of “Big Me.” Grohl appreciated the opportunity to take a shot of whiskey after passing off his guitar to Jeremy. Watch fan-shot video of how it went thanks to Wing Ding:

After “Big Me,” Grohl hugged Jeremy and found out it was the fan’s birthday. The crowd went wild for Jeremy and sang him “Happy Birthday To You.” Dave then ended the sugary sweet scene the same way he did Pierce’s sit-in, by telling Jeremy, “Get the fuck off my stage!”

Watch the video below, via JamBase.