Watch Marilyn Manson’s On Stage Meltdown, Fans Demand Refunds


Marilyn Manson had an on stage meltdown last night in New York at the Paramount, and fans are demanding refunds. Manson came out on stage and performed incoherently with his back to the crowd. Fans chanted ‘fuck you Manson” and demanded refunds. Many fans have accused Manson of being high on drugs and drunk. Below are some accounts:

“Tried seeing Marilyn Manson tonight. We have seen him on 4 other occasions and always entertained. This time due to being so drugged, drunk, or sick unfortunately this concert was a complete failure. I know what you’re going to say but it is sad to see a complete spiral downward of a human due to drugs. Which might have been from his accident a few months ago. Marilyn please get the help you need and we will see you next time and we do love you ? #marilynmanson”

“FUCK YOU MANSON! 4 songs and walks off…@marilynmanson #marilynmanson #theparamount #worstshowever #saynotodrugs #concerts #marilyn #sharkradio #heavenupsidedown #goth #meltdown #drugs”

“As someone who is still here, EMTs just walked out too. This man is fucking wasted holy hell.”

“He just played 6 songs and left. Saturnalia for 15 lunchbox interlude for 15. Took 20 min twice to talk jibberish.”

“unreal…played a song, sat down went on a 20 minute rant about loving everyone, played another song, another 15 minute rant about the crowd not loving him. Another song that was a half hour instrumental, knocked over an amp and walked off…”

“after u wake up from ur drug induced coma tom, u better issue ur fans one hell off an apology and schedule a make up concert for Sat or Sun at the Paramount! Or I can guarantee, you’ve lost a shit ton of fans!! Sry, but the truth hurts! U really fucked up this time.”

“I want my fucking money back. Are you drunk, high, or just totally unprofessional?”

Watch videos below, and if anybody reading this knows Manson, please help him.