Watch Metallica ‘Forgive’ Chester Bennington For Suicide


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich discussed Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington’s death in a new 95.5 KLOS interview.

“Chester was a very kind and very unassuming and very gentle soul, who had a really big heart.

“The first time I heard Linkin Park, just singing those songs on this first album — when was it? ’99 or 2000? — the power that came out of him was just unbelievable,” he continued. “It was so original and so unique. He was one of those singers that has that rare gift where every word that comes out of him sounds authentic. He’s not just writing something down that he sings… Everything that comes out of him sounds like he feels and he means every word, every nuance, every syllable.”

Ulrich added: “We did a tour with ’em in 2003 where they were kind enough to come and play with us across America on a ‘Summer Sanitarium’ tour and we had a lot of fun. And all those guys are great guys and my heart goes out to all of ’em and to the family.”

“I think more than anything, I think it reaffirms — without sounding too cheesy — that we’ve gotta live each moment to the max and just be in the moment,” he said. “Every time we go out on stage, we try to take it all in. You never know when something can go sideways or something [can] happen to you physically or something. So life is beautiful and we’ve gotta just harness and maximize each moment to its fullest.”

James Hetfield said at the end of Metallica’s performance of the song “The Unforgiven” at the Rose Bowl on Saturday: “We forgive you, Chester.” Watch video below.