Chris Cornell’s Widow Visits Grave In Heartbreaking Photo: ‘She Hugged A Fan’


Thanks to Twyla for sending this beautiful story about Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky to Alternative Nation:

“I was at Hollywood Forever yesterday visiting Chris’ grave site with my daughter. As we walked away my daughter pointed out a young woman who had pulled up in a black SUV. She was in a black dress . She let herself through the red ropes around the area. She was visibly shaking and in tears as she cleaned the stone and surrounding area before placing a bouquet of white roses. She sat there for a while and we just walked around. My daughter and I wanted so much to talk to her. I didn’t know what to say we walked around for a while I didn’t want to be intrusive as I was trying to confirm this was his wife, Vicky. She got back into the car sobbing. A friend consoled her.

Another young girl walked up to the site clearly a fan. She must have been in her mid teens and she wore a Chris Cornell t-shirt I think she watched from a distance as well and walked up only after Vicky left. She was in tears. That’s when I saw the most beautiful thing as the car started to drive away she must have noticed the young girl. She got out of the car walked up to her and gave her a big hug. I was so moved by her gesture. I regret not having the courage to walk up to her or allow my daughter to. I wish I said something , anything. Our hearts go out to her and her kids. Loud love.”