Top Ten Metal Albums of 2007





2007 was a great year for metal. The year had many band’s putting out albums with fresh new ideas that are now considered iconic to fans of the genre. Here in no order are the ten best albums from that year.

Primordial – To the Nameless Dead


One of the best examples of black and folk metal mixing, this soft serving from Ireland is a must hear for those who crave expansive and epic, drawn-out songs. While the band is very consistent, they have yet to top this masterpiece.


King Diamond – Give Me Your Soul Please

One of the better late albums from the King, this record is full of cheese…in the best way. Even with nonsense about the judges of the dead mistaking a death for suicide (not making this up) there are still tons of great guitarwork and solos. This is a killer album for those looking to listen to some good later king.


Sigh –  Hangman’s Hymn

Sigh has always been one of Japan’s most over the top and experimental bands. This albums style is described as German thrash meets symphonic metal. The album’s sound mixes total aggression with lots of over the top experimentation and Looney Tunes atmosphere, making it a trip to hell you will never forget.

Reverend Bizzare- III So Long Suckers

By this time the doom metal subgenre would have branched off into so many subforms,removing it far from it’s Black Sabbath sounding roots. Reverend Bizzare were one of the few keeping it close to it’s roots. While this type of throwback is very common nowadays, in 2007 not many were going for this sound and this third and so far final offering from these fins is one of the best at this style.


Pig Destroyer – Phantom Limb

Continuing on the more metal path of the last album, Terrifier, this legendary bassless grind outfit delivered one of their nastiest albums to date.

WatainSworn to the Dark

This third offering from swedish meloblack masters helped the band reach a higher audience. While not as good as the previous two albums, this record is still a fun little piece of satanic goodness that never gets old.


BTBAM – Colors

Between The Buried and Me has always provided a breath of fresh air in the 2000s metalcore scene, due to having more creativity and prog elements than all the others. On Colors the band started to put behind the metalcore elements going in a more of a distinct extreme prog metal direction.


Symphony X- Paradise Lost

Jerseys prog/power metal outfit’s most well known album is also one of their heaviest. Adding tons of down tuning, the record has a groove metal vibe,  but doesn’t lose the progressive songwriting and mystical feel that the previous albums had.


Rotting ChristTheogonia

This record is the first release by the band to come out under the Season of Mist label as well as the first to feature guitarist Giorgos Bokos. One of the band’s most iconic to date, this record adds progressive song structures to their usual melodic black metals gothic sound.


Devin Townsend – Ziltoid the Omniscient

A alien comes to Earth to search for the ultimate cup of coffee. Unfortunately, the coffee he tries really sucks which angers the alien into wanting the planet destroyed. This is the story of Heavy Devy’s masterpiece of a concept album. One of the best story records out there, Ziltoid contains elements from all over his career at this point as well as many other genres. This makes for theatrical,catchy, heavy, bit of insanity and the best album of 2007.