Watch Pearl Jam Perform ‘Ten’ In Its Entirety


Pearl Jam performed Ten front to back to kick off their show in Philadelphia last night just months before the albums 25th anniversary. Watch videos below, followed by a setlist and notes from Sea on the forums.

(during Master/Slave walk on music a banner is revealed commemorating Pearl Jam Ten South Philadelphia Sell Outs. Pearl Jam proceeds to play the album “Ten” in order)
“Ten” album complete in sequence
01. Once
02. Even Flow
03. Alive
04. Why Go
05. Black
06. Jeremy
07. Oceans
08. Porch
09. Garden
10. Deep
(Just before this last one we have been getting a lot of requests from people. Many of whom are in a lot of pain…They have lost loved ones….Maybe a brother….This song is about loosing a father… This is for the brothers of Collin McGovern whom they lost recently.)
11. Release

(Well, we did that together. When we woke up this morning this wasn’t something we had in mind. When we got told about the banner they were getting us I saw the number and just thought… Ed goes on to talk about how consistently great the audiences are in Philadelphia and the long relationship the band has had with the local crew in the building. He notes that Philly seems tough and intense. “I get the city of brotherly love but I know that brothers beat the shit out of each other…” Ed jokes that he hopes Bruce doesn’t hear about this..he slips into a Springsteen impression with Springsteen congratulating Ed on his “little flag”. The flag for Bruce Springsteen has 56 sold out shows. “we have some catching up to do”)

12. Breakerfall
13. Corduroy
14. Who You Are
(Ed gives a shout out to local radio station WMMR. It is their 48th anniversary)
15. Let The Records Play
(Ed in DJ voice WMMR)
16. Spin The Black Circle (Ed tosses the mic into the audience where some gentlemen sing the chorus and toss the mic back)
17. Do The Evolution

Encore Break One
(Ed tells the story of appearing on a radio show and how alcohol lead to the genesis of the next song)
18. Bee Girl
(Ed said singing the last song got him thinking about young women posting pictures on various social media outlets and seeking various positive indicators. “You don’t want to be doing that kind of thing. You shouldn’t care what other people think of you. You should just be yourself. He goes onto wish Willie Nelson a happy 83rd birthday. He asks if can drink to that even though he knows he should smoke to that. He sings a bit of Just Breathe with his Willie Nelson vocal style since Willie has covered the song. He then sings it in his own voice)

19. Just Breathe
20. All Or None
(Ed tells the story of Roger Waters writing the next song because an experience he had at the Spectrum in 1977. Ed dedicates the song to Paul and his son Tyler. Tyler is a young boy with complicated health problems. )
21. Comfortably Numb-(Gilmour, Waters) Ed joins Boom on his riser and plays piano for the outro.
22. Mind Your Manners
23. Given To Fly
24. Daughter/WMA
25. Rearviewmirror

Encore Break Two
(Ed comes out in a Philies baseball jersey. He jokes, “I had to wear the Pete Rose jersey. I met him last year and he bet me I wouldn’t.”
26. Last Kiss-(Cochran) {to back of the venue}
27. Better Man
28. Leash
(Ed says that song reminds him of playing with Young Neil..Neil Young. He goes on to talk about some money they are donating to People’s Emergency Center that helps homeless people. He talks about Mark Wilkerson’s book on Tomas Young who passed away a couple of years ago. Mark will be appearing at Wooden Shoe and Books on May 5th. They are also going to donate money from these shows to Veteran Multi Services Center. “We don’t normally play this one. It is “Throw Your Hatred Down” by Neil Young)
29. Throw Your Hatred Down-(Young) {song from Mirrorball}
30. Sonic Reducer-(Bators, Blitz, Chrome, Magnum, Thomas, Zero)
31. Baba O’Riley-(Townshend)
32. Yellow Ledbetter/Star Spangled Banner