Watch Queens of the Stone Age’s Cryptic New TV Station


Queens of the Stone Age have posted a cryptic new TV with a channel changer on their website. Sleuths on the QOTSA Reddit have unearthed the following details from the band’s new website:

The TV has 8 Channels

(sev)ENTEEN is is written on a sticker on the left side of it

“Reclaim everything” is also a sticker on the left side

Sticker at the top of the TV saying “Mumbo Jumbo” with an arrow that is animated to go down.

A badge sticker of a ghost with lightning coming out of his hand (animated)

1976 EVIL sticker on the bottom

It’s a “beautiful” day in the U.S.A – etched out at the top of the TV

A match sticker that starts to flame when you mouse over it is also on the bottom of the TV

On the top right panel of the TV there’s a writing “askew” with eyes that move.

There’s the new QOTSA logo on the TV, and above it is a “gold standard” sign.

An x-ray of a forearm+hand is clipped onto the right side of the TV

Bottom of the TV has a “TUTTI-FRUTTI” writing on it

Channel 5 has a snapshot of a guitar with “All my confusion is waving goodbye” written on it

The video stills are all named Boneface-#/mob.mp4 in the source code of the website, so they’re not giving us much.

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