Weezer React To Greta Van Fleet Beating Them


Weezer recently lost Best Rock Album at the Grammys to Greta Van Fleet, and Rivers Cuomo reacted in a new EW interview, saying he enjoyed himself despite the loss.

You guys were just at the Grammys, nominated for Pacific Daydream. What was that experience like?

I went in pretty jaded, thinking that I’d be sitting around like at most awards ceremonies, where you have to keep applauding, and your hands get sore, and there’s tons of commercial breaks, and everything just feels really fake and boring. But it was incredible. The performances were so exciting and interesting and stimulating, from the opening number with Camila Cabello and Ricky Martin. They were so good, and so charismatic. Ricky Martin completely mesmerized me. I had the thought: “I get why Weezer’s not up there. This is on another level.”

How do you mean?

We’ve never been that successful that we’re playing at the Grammys. We haven’t been on a stage that big. But most of the time I’m thinking, “We’ll get there someday. We just gotta keep working. Someday we’ll play the halftime show at the Super Bowl. We just gotta get the songs right. We just gotta keep pushing. We’ll get there.” But here we are, 25 years in, watching the Grammys, and I just felt, like, I get it. These people are super entertainers. And I’m cool with that.