Widow Says Scott Weiland Was Drinking Heavily, STP Drummer Never Gave Up Hope


Jamie Weiland, Scott’s third wife and widow, tells Rolling Stone that her husband was drinking heavily “before he left on this tour. He did tell me, ‘I’m going to get it together.'” She joined him on the road for a week in November and says Scott was “just killing it” onstage, “every night taking it up a notch.”

Wildabouts guitarist Jeremy Brown’s death “completely destroyed” Weiland, Jamie confirms. He rebuilt the Wildabouts and went on tour. But “even up to a couple of weeks ago, when I saw him, he’d talk about Jeremy every day. He always had tears in his eyes.”

Stone Temple Pilots drummer Eric Kretz said he never gave up hope on Weiland, despite their issues.

“He was so tenacious in his lust for life in the early years, I really hoped he would come back – and have a second chance.”

He did say though that STP had to fire him in 2013.

“It wasn’t spontaneous by any means,” Kretz insists, defending that action. “He was making choices, and they were all going bad.”