Wino Talks Friendship With Dave Grohl and Future Plans



Scott Wino Wienrich is one of the biggest and most respected figures in all of doom metal. He is mostly known for being the vocalist of classic doom metal band, St.Vitus (not to be confused with the iconic NYC venue) ever since he joined them for their third album, Born Too Late. He also has several other notable projects such as the stoner rock band Spirit Caravan, the supergroup Shrinebuilder and his original band The Obsessed, who are putting out a killer new album titled Sacred in April. I was able to speak to Wino via phone on this topic as well as other stuff including his friendship with Dave Grohl.

How did the writing process go for your upcoming album, Sacred?

We had to dig deep to get all 14 songs there. First thing I wanted to do was re-record the song “Sodden Jackal” which was the first single we had back in the 80’s. It was produced pretty thin back in the day and that song seems to be pretty timeless, fans always loved that song, so first thing I figured we do is fix it up. The song Cold Blood is a song I had since I was a teenager just I never felt it would fit with anything till now. During practice when I broke it out we all laughed cause it was so old yet it worked. We had a good time with Frank our engineer and I think the record came out well. I am real proud of it.

I see you are playing St.Vitus(the venue) soon?

Yes we will be playing for an hour and 15 mins and we be playing 6 or 7 new songs. We might even play one brand new song. We already have more new songs ready. Chemistry is good man, best it’s ever been in this band.

Since you got more new tracks ready does this mean we are getting two new albums in one year?

It’s what I’m hoping. We will be promoting Sacred once it comes out, then months later, drop the remaster of the self titled then after more touring we hope to hit the studio again and put out a new record.

According to several websites, your old project Shrinebuilder isn’t broken up but on hold. Any plans for you guys to ever bring that project back?

Right now the focus is on The Obsessed and that is where I want it to stay. Awhile ago when Scott Kelly asked me if I’d do another Shrinebuilder record I said I would, but right now I don’t know what the deal is with all those other dudes, but i’d love to bring it back. Right now we all busy with our other bands though so another Shrinebuilder record isn’t coming into the picture. I think it’s interesting that the band is on hold.

I was watching the What’s in the Bag episode with Dave Grohl and he called the Obsessed one of the greatest bands of all time. Are you close with the guy at all?

Dave Grohl is a great guy. I think he is an amazing songwriter and an incredible performer. I am honored that he said that about us. When he sent me the Probot track, I thought it was amazing. Thought that whole record ended up great. I have nothing but respect for Dave.

What’s your thoughts on the state of doom metal today?

I credit all to Frank Kozik when he started the Man’s Ruin label. When he signed band’s like High on Fire and Queens of the Stone Age it kinda kick-started the genre.Whether it be doom, sludge or stoner rock or all those other genres that overlap it is for sure pretty popular now. I’m glad a lot of it now focuses on melody and guitar again. I don’t know how it will be like in the future but I will say we will keep hammering it out as hard as we can.The genre is pretty timeless. I think the timing for my stuff is better now than it ever was.

So I guess you weren’t Born Too Late?

Haha I guess not.