Zakk Wylde Talks New Guns N’ Roses Album


Zakk Wylde discussed Guns N’ Roses’ reunion on a new Loudwire Podcast.

“To me, they are Led Zeppelin, without a doubt, and the Stones. That’s why I said it, it’s great that they’re back together, and they’ll hopefully do a record after the tour done is everything, and make an album, and keep rolling. It’s just great for the whole rock and roll community that they’re back together and out there killing it.”

He added that Foo Fighters are another successful act, “Dave and the fellows do stadiums as well. They don’t have any problems either. When I went out and jammed with Dave at his birthday bash, because me and Dave have the same birthday, Dave called me and went: ‘Zakk, can you come out for this thing?’ They put it on sale for the Forum and sold it out in 2 and a half minutes. Somebody just mentioned it, they weren’t even promoting it.”

“For all of the bands that are doing great, it’s just great for the rock community.”