10 Candidates To Fill In For Eddie Vedder On Temple of the Dog Tour


Edited by Brett Buchanan

November is shaping up to be quite the exciting month for fans of Temple of the Dog. Alternative rock’s first true supergroup has been making headlines for most of 2016. But now, the excitement over the Pearl Jam-Soundgarden fused group is about to enter fever pitch, as the band will head out on the road next month. The Seattle quintet will perform eight shows on what is the first official tour the band has ever embarked on.

One looming question is if Eddie Vedder will be on hand for these shows. Vedder’s true mark with the band is on their timeless anthem, “Hunger Strike.” Vedder’s impassioned vocals and melodic delivery take this fantastic track to a whole other level. But what if Ed can’t make it to the shows? Here are ten candidates who would make a fantastic addition to this juggernaut of a band.

  1. Perry Farrell

images34norm4oFact: Perry Farrell sounds absolutely nothing like Eddie Vedder. But that’s not the point. Pearl Jam and Soundgarden have a storied history with the Jane’s Addiction frontman. Not only did Jane’s come up around the same time as them, but they are just as much a staple of alternative music as the Seattle bands.  The eccentric Farrell would be a welcome surprise guest. With both Jane’s Addiction and Pearl Jam up on the ballot of nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the synergy is in the air on this one.

  1. William DuVall

alice-in-chains-william-duvall-630x420William DuVall has spent the better part of the last decade stepping into the enormous shadow of Layne Staley with Alice in Chains. DuVall has proven to be more than a competent replacement to help carry on the legacy of Alice In Chains. Why not give him a shot to step up and see how he can make “Hunger Strike” his own, much like he has done with the back catalog of Alice?

  1. Kevin Martin

candleboxThe Candlebox front man would be a great addition to the Temple of the Dog fold. His voice is distinct, but it manages to sound both familiar and unique. He wouldn’t be doing a Vedder impression, but we wouldn’t need that. His voice would fit the bill just right.

  1. Shirley Manson

a3973d7e6c1ba44ea29af1a58ed8558dThe only female on the list, Shirley Manson has the ability to completely captivate you with her voice. Rich, smoky, and sarcastic sounding, her vocal delivery lends a certain vulnerability to the music it is sung over. Classic Garbage tracks like “I’m Only Happy When it Rains” and “Stupid Girl” show this to great effect. I always enjoy hearing female vocalists cover songs originally sung by male singers. Often times it adds a whole new depth and dimension. I believe that on “Hunger Strike,” it would no doubt satisfy.

  1. Mark Lanegan

mark-laneganMark Lanegan: The Man, The Myth, The Legend. The former Screaming Trees frontman seems almost too perfect a fit. His grainy, grizzly voice is so haunting, it’s almost soothing. His work with Queens of the Stone Age lends itself to a wide variety of styles; all that would be perfect for “Hunger Strike.” Look no further than “This Lullaby,” the beautiful opening track from Queens of the Stone Age’s 2005 album, Lullabies to Paralyze.

  1. Billy Corgan

billy_cBilly Corgan is another staple of 90’s alternative rock. More than others, Corgan could bring his one of a kind voice to the fold to make for a truly interesting collaboration. Aesthetically, it would be just awesome to see Corgan up there with Chris Cornell and the Pearl Jam guys rocking out. It would be that once in a lifetime collaboration that is truly worthy of being called once in a lifetime.

  1. Thom Yorke

thom-yorkeIf you just sit and picture it for a second, you realize how insanely awesome this would be. Can you imagine being at Madison Square Garden seeing Temple of the Dog, and as the opening notes start ringing out, Thom Yorke walks out on stage? It would be mind-bending. Yorke could honestly walk just walk out and aim the microphone at the audience and let them do Eddie Vedder’s job for him, and it would be amazing.

  1. Myles Kennedy

myles-kennedy-pointing-650-80Whether dominating with Slash and the Conspirators, or leading Alter Bridge, Myles Kennedy is a true powerhouse of a vocalist. He simply is incapable of disappointing. His range is unreal, and his voice is more unique than you may realize. He has shown how he can out Axl-Axl Rose when performing Guns N’ Roses songs with Slash. He already boasts an impressive resume. Why not add Temple of the Dog? You can’t go wrong with Myles Kennedy.

  1. Jerry Cantrell

jerrycantrellmay2015_638Another favorite from Seattle, Jerry Cantrell more or less wrote the book on the dual singer attack for alternative music. Whether with the late Layne Staley, or more recently with William DuVall, Cantrell’s vocals are always right on. The chance to hear him on this classic track would be a real treat for fans of Seattle, Grunge and Alternative alike. Temple of the Dog plus Jerry Cantrell? What more could you ask for?

  1. Neil Young

untitledUncle Neil. Honestly who better to step in if Eddie Vedder isn’t available? The Godfather of Grunge himself undoubtedly should be the man to step in. “Hunger Strike” even sounds like a Neil Young song. It’s almost too good of a fit! His long history with Pearl Jam and close relationship with Eddie Vedder make him the best option. Pearl Jam even served as the backing band on his 1995 album Mirror Ball. It’d be great to see him step in there with the boys once again and keep on rocking.

Honorable mention:

  • Pap Adolph

    lol this is the stupidiest possible list. Corgan is a douche and no way would be invited. That’s just dumb dude, have you not been hearing what Corgan has been saying the last several years as his career has become a joke and he has lost any credibility he had?? Someone from Candlebox…….Really? Seriously are you being serious?? Okay well that won’t happen….they aren’t inviting one of the copycat bands to join them. I saw the word Alter Bridge on someone and just kept moving. I’d delete that one dude, that is really embarrassing. DuVall is ok but they aren’t inviting him, he isn’t good enough….but I don’t want to knock him because he’s ok. Yorke isn’t going to do it and they wouldn’t even invite him because there is not much connection there. Besides Eddie performing with a couple guys from Radiohead before, I don’t remember another connection. Shirley Manson is far from the best choice of female singers. I’d rather see Brandi Carlile or someone, but still not the choice to make either. The great great Uncle Neil is not the choice because he is too grand to just be a fill in on Temple songs. Cantrell is good but nope. The choice is………Perry Farrell. Very obvious. But they don’t need a fill in……Cornell can sing the entire song by himself. Besides nobody can fill in for Eddie Vedder and it have the power that is needed to be epic. That’s why I think Eddie will show up to a couple shows and Cornell will do the other dates by himself. I’d just delete this article dude, too many stupid choices in your list. Have a good day.

    • Hutttrash

      Neil it is, end of story

  • Trovoid

    I’m assuming this article is supposed to be sort of facetious. If Eddie doesn’t come around, it’s not the end of the world. He only sang backing vocals on about three tracks and I’m sure he will do some appearances for Hunger Strike. As long as Chris doesn’t do a duet with Chester Bennington again, the world shall be fine.

  • drew a

    Get it together Brett right off the bat you state something so inaccurate like Jane’s Addiction coming up at the same time as Pearl Jam….JA formed in 85 five years before Pearl Jam even began getting together and playing music and Jane’s broke up 1991, when 10 was released and took a whole year to become the massive success it was and is

  • Billy

    If they got someone else to help out, which i don’t think they will and i kinda hope that they don’t, i’d like to see Darius Rucker up there. He has a very rich baritone that could do the song justice without trying to sound like Eddie.

  • Michael Leib

    I’m going to the LA show – can’t wait. If I had my fantasy we would see the opening act be a continuation of the Mother Love Bone reunion from the Showbox night with Shaun Smith – who could then also fill in for the Vedder parts during the rest of the night.

  • Kooler Than Jesus

    No Scott Stapp? Seriously?

  • astrocreep7

    My guess is Eddie will only be doing Seattle. Slim chance he goes on tour, unless he played his own solo material. But there isn’t enough room for that. So, yeah… Eddie won’t be on the tour.

  • nomad

    Josh Groban is an obvious choice.

  • James Gregory

    No one needs to fill in, because Vedder basically had nothing to with Temple of the Dog.

  • Ed Hopkins

    you had me until bill corgan… fuck that guy, he sucks