Mick Jagger Stunning ‘Goodbye’ Message Revealed


Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones have posted on social media, “Thank you Miami for sticking with us and making the most of the situation! Stay safe everyone. And huge thank you to each and every one of you who have joined us on this tour, we had the best time! Till the next time we say goodbye…. 🔥🔥 #therollingstones #stonesnofilter #tour #usa #miami #florida.” Keith Richards revealed a ‘last show’ announcement video backstage.

Jagger later wrote himself that it isn’t his intention for this to be a permanent goodbye, “Thanks for sticking with us Miami, what a special night! And thank you to everyone who came to see us on this tour, we’ll see you next time!”

Mick Jagger was recently filmed reacting to a disgusting attack at a show. darkhallmansion commented, “On behalf of my family there are no words to express the depth of feeling, you all ARE Rock n Roll, needed in our world, now and forever. The LA show was a gift to us all that we’ll treasure forever.

My daughter at my side, my woman dancing to the other, the glory and defiance of mortality that Mick represents for us all, the cool and eternally incomparable riffs of Keith, the sheer joy of life that is Ronnie, the everlasting coolness and consummate skills of a beloved Charlie, to you all, we THANK YOU, for the shows, for the decades, for the soundtrack of our lives, for simply being the Stones.

Stay healthy, be well, and come back to us SOON as you are already deeply missed. It’s only rock n roll…but we LOVE it as it’s so much more! Know that!!We love you, may God bless you all.”

carly_hitchens commented, “When it started raining at the beginning of Gimme Shelter, that was pure magic! See ya next time Mick! Can’t wait.” Mick Jagger was savagely rejected at a famous Beverly Hills restaurant a couple of weeks ago.