Alice In Chains Member Dealt With ‘Ghosts’ Of Chris Cornell & Layne Staley


Alice In Chains bassist Mike Inez discussed facing the ‘ghosts’ of Seattle’s past when AIC returned to Studio X in Seattle to record their new album in a new Chicago Sun Times interview. The last time the band recorded there was with Layne Staley for their self-titled album in 1995.

“I was kind of scared about it,” bassist Mike Inez admits. “On the plane I was having anxiety attacks about the ghosts I thought I’d have to deal with.”

Part of it was the timing. The band — also including vocalist-guitarist Jerry Cantrell, drummer Sean Kinney and vocalist-guitarist William DuVall —had booked time at the studio right after the passing of comrade Chris Cornell in May 2017. “That was really strange for us, going back there right after Chris passed away,” says Inez. “There was definitely a lot of emotion going into this record it came from a heavy place.”

Alice in Chains have signed a new deal with BMG, which has Inez excited. “We’re talking videos and trying to come up with what the next [single] is, and listening to everyone’s take on the album, which has everyone really pumped,” he says. And of recording in Seattle, Inez admits, “We had great time up there last year. Now we feel we have a bit of new pure memories to reflect on.”

  • Joe Costigan

    Mike Inez – one of the nicest guys in rock. It’s pretty incredible it’s their first time recording in Seattle since the 90s. Can’t wait to hear the full album – they have not disappointed me yet.

  • Olga Stewart

    Somehow I think the spirits of both Layne and Chris were with them when they were in that recording studio. :).