Seattle Legend Wrote ‘Fat Check’ To Save Pearl Jam: ‘We Need Money’


Photo credit: Danny Clinch

Guerilla Candy recently interviewed Heart’s Nancy Wilson, and she discussed Pearl Jam.

Travis Hay asked Wilson about whether Heart has ever served as a mentor to Pearl Jam and she shared a story about how she helped the group out in 1990.

“When they lost Andy Wood, Mother Love Bone were on the brink of a big album deal. And because they lost their singer, they lost their deal,” she said.

“So Kelly brought some of the guys over to meet us, once we were in New York, Jeff (Ament) and Stone (Gossard) and those guys came in and were like ‘Can we ask you a really horrible favor? We need some money right now?’ So we wrote them a pretty fat check and they were like ‘We’re good for it. We’re good it.”

The money ended up sustaining Ament and Gossard during the transition period between Mother Love Bone and the formation of Pearl Jam.

“It was great because it helped them get by until they could find their singer, which they did find obviously, Eddie. And it put them back on track.”

You can listen to the rest of this interview, as well as interviews with Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith, Mad Season’s Barrett Martin, Mike Ness from Social Distortion and Mike McCready, on the second episode of The Anywhere Shows: A Pearl Jam Fan Podcast, later this week.