Gene Simmons Daughter Leopard Skin Party Outfit Leaks


Gene Simmons‘ daughter, the incredible and remarkable Sophie Simmons recently took to social media via Instagram to showcase a series of pictures to celebrate partying on New Years Eve. The photo gallery includes several awe-inspiring photographs of America’s sweetheart, including one in a very tight and beautiful leopard skin top. Gene Simmons daughter holiday ‘night gown’ revealed.

Simmons wrote: “Some year end highlights 2019. [I] got to work with some talented humans and i’m so thankful. You can view the gallery below.

In other news revolving Sophie’s rock star father Gene Simmons, fans recently took to the KISS fan forum KISSfaq to discuss if the band should write a song about the great city of Los Angeles. One member, Giggity stated their reasoning: “They wrote one about Detroit, Ace covered NY Groove, Rockin in the USA mentioned different places and that Japanese thing Samurai Son was for Japan so why not write a song about LA? They all live there now, right? Current lineup. Paul really felt a connection when he first came there so why not?”

Gene Simmons calls out ‘stupid’ KISS member performance. Fellow forum user Easy Catman responded: “One thing that the Vault has taught us is that Gene continues to record music despite his public pronouncements that it is not worth it. He must still feel the need as a songwriter and musician. LA has been his home now for many years so why not.”

While Supertrooper replied: “Gene should write a song about how he loves Trump, but Gene is still the coolest and has ****ed more chicks even though he has worse hair and is poorer. That at least would get some attention.”

And ManifestBlashamy sarcastically put: “Yeah they should def write a song about LA for their next album that’s never gonna be released.” Gene Simmons daughter reveals horrible injury video.