How Alice In Chains Blew Away Stone Temple Pilots At First Joint Show Revealed


dinosaurjr1089 posted the following on the forums about Alice In Chains and Stone Temple Pilots’ performance at Pointfest in Maryland Heights, MO on Saturday.

I just got back from Pointfest and this experience was…quite interesting. As context, the festival was very nineties oriented, since two of their biggest acts were from that time (STP and Alice in Chains in the night) and one of the side shows was Candlebox. So, they were a HUGE sector of fans of that era, with tshirts of Alice in Chains, Nirvana, etc. Also, I must say that I saw the concert from the lawn section (VERY far from the pit or the band), but even at that distance, I can say some things that I could notice

The first thing that I noticed was the enthusiasm and the respect that the band have from the 90’s fanbase. Before STP (at 6:05 pm), Candlebox was scheduled as a side show outside the main stage at 5:32. The result of this was that before they played the last song, most people were just getting out to be on time for the main show. You could feel that the audience was really interested in hearing STP and that they knew the setlist well (at least the greatest hits). This was a big audience that really appreciated their work and/or their legacy. A great opportunity, I must say.

In that case, STP was in the middle of some good performances at the festival. Before them was the Struts. The guy was nuts and, even if you never heard of them, you could recognize that they were trying to have a good time. This is something important to see at a festival when not everyone goes to see you; to give a good impression…

…but with STP, was shocking. Let say this: it wasn’t a bad performance at all, but for a festival, it was really dull. Their entrance was ok, Wicked Garden was ok, Vasoline and ok…but at the end, it was too autopilot. I was wondering if they even were kind of nervous; they have been in big venues before, but at a festival with a large amount of people maybe they prefer to be stick to their script too much. It wasn’t a problem with Jeff (he was perfect for the band, I must say), it was something with the band. Maybe they just got used to small venues and places? Who knows, but it wasn’t the same attitude that they had when I saw them in 2011 with Scott and his problems…

This was an ok thing until Plush. I think some people mention that they didn’t like the version at all, and I can appreciate the variation…but at a festival it was BORING. I was in front of the lawn section and someone at my side was just waiting for the drums to feel the catharsis..and nothing. After that, the concert continued and it got more interesting with Piece of Pie (maybe the only song that I noticed Jeff using his style for an old song), but it was kind of late. Dead and Bloated and Sex Type Thing were great.

Everyone at the end was happy, but I noticed a lot wasted potential. THIS was the audience to wake and have fun; THIS was the space to become relevant. Instead, even if it was a good show, it didn’t surprise anyone. Worst of all, the next band was Shinedown and they DESTROYED the event (with fireworks include), and Alice in Chains was marvelous as always. So, a good performance is not enough; they already have charisma, but I don’t know why they don’t want to use it…

Funny thing: Eric took off his t-shirt. Is funny because that remind me the Rolling Rock concert of 2001 that I saw some days earlier and what these guys are capable off…

P.D: First post :D!

Another fan thought Candlebox were better than Stone Temple Pilots and Alice In Chains.

  • Hwang Sunghyeop

    STP is not Deleo’s band. Scott could handle it before but now bands don’t need to have a Captain. STP is not the art rock guitar bands. Guitar is important but it was not the only guitar sounds.

  • Hutttrash

    No corndog, no alternativenation.

  • disqus_U5eUFbCmER

    No…just no.

  • William Hendricks

    Yeesh…so many things wrong with this junk. The one thing mentioned about alice in Chains was that they were marvelous. “Shinedown destroyed the event.” Random twitter user says Candelbox was probably their favorite. GTFOH

  • Kent

    I was down in the pit. STP, was great they were really into it. Shinedown seen many times. Big disappointment sound was terrible, even people in the seats said sound was bad. Overall great festival.

  • JoelS

    I remember when this website used to at least appear like it wanted to be a legit music site. Brett even had some great interviews. Now it’s complete shit and that “reports” on Twitter beef between Chris Cornell conspiracy wackos and his mother in-law.

    This is a new low with a clickbait headline trying to start beef between bands based on some rando’s opinion of a festival from a web message board. Total garbage.