Steven Tyler Photo With Gene Simmons Wife Revealed


KISS icon Gene Simmons has revealed a photo with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, and he’s pointed a ‘Where’s Waldo’ situation with his wife also appearing in the corner of the photo. An Aerosmith member recently revealed the bold truth about Greta Van Fleet.

“Steven Tyler šŸ˜Ž. Shannon in the background šŸ˜ƒ”

Gene Simmons responded to a false wig rumor after a bald photo was released recently. KISS resumed their ‘End of the Road’ tour in Sunrise, Florida on Tuesday night, and a fan named King wrote a short review on KISSFaq, “Just got back from the show. Setlist is the same as European leg. Crazy Crazy Nights was played before Rock n Roll All Nite. People were really enjoying themselves. 2 younger girls behind us it was their first concert. It was fun. Gene flubbed the words on the 2nd verse of Dr Love. He made a solid effort and was enjoyable.

Paul [Stanley] was cool but looked tired and his voice was ragged. Tommy was solid. He had a silver flying V for his rocket guitar. Eric’s drum solo was great. Beth was cool. This show is almost 40 years later from my first show in 79 when I was 12. So if it’s to be my last time it was a good show.”

The setlist was the same as the previous leg, with Mr. Slow defending the band against criticism. “Why are we all surprised that on the same tour they are playing the same songs? This is still the EOTR tour remember. When did they ever swap songs out mid-tour? Maybe there has 3 or 4 times in 46 years that they would change songs on a regular basis.

Iā€™m not blindly defending them here. Iā€™d love for them to be more flexible and swap songs every show. But it irks me that fans point the finger at the current lineup like this is a new thing. If they used to change out songs but suddenly stopped then I could see why people would be upset. But this is typical for them over their entire history.” Gene Simmons recently revealed an emotional hospital video.