Chris Cornell’s Beautiful Poem For His Mother Released


Peter Cornell has shared a never before seen poem written by his late brother Chris Cornell in 1998 for their mother Karen for Mother’s Day. Read the poem below.

Peter also wrote on Instagram:

“Last Mother’s Day I so messed up. I forgot to make plans. Luckily my neglect was exposed on Friday night so I still had a chance to pull out a save and did so in grand fashion. I booked a room at our favorite staycation hotel and we spent Mother’s Day eve and Mother’s Day in high style. Phew!!! Having reconnected with my own Mom and my sisters (who are moms and stepmoms) and consequently introducing them to my AMY (greatest Mom ever) there was no way I would forget this year. I’ve spent a lot of time reminiscing for obvious reasons.

Reunions and family after the years of estrangement will motivate a lot of visits to a time before. One of these trips down memory lane stumbled me across a poem that CC wrote to Mom in ‘98. I’m posting it here as a tribute to both of them. Much as she received the deserved attention at the events of the last two days, I honor her today as I tried to do almost a year ago on May 26th. No Mother should have to bury her baby.

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom and sisters and Susan and most of all to the love of my life, Goose’s Mom. My AMY!”