Steven Tyler Embarrassing Private Claim Revealed


On the latest edition of The PowerTrip, KFAN’s Chris “Hawk” Hawkey continued his feud with Aerosmith frontman and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Steven Tyler. Tyler allegedly locked himself in a limo. Hawkey organized the Twin Cities Summer Jam in Minnesota, and he has discussed on the Power Trip radio show what it was like working with Tyler, discussing his list of the demands for the festival, which included a private bathroom and heated toilet water. The host also concluded that the Aerosmith legend needed the luxurious heated water so that his “balls don’t freeze”.  Hawkey made a note during this show to also discuss his issues with the Tyler’s alleged lack of professionalism. Alternative Nation transcribed the comments.

Hawk: I told you guys on the air about the Rider, which is what you get when you book a band, they send their list of demands. Now mine has four five hour energies and some bottles of water. I gotta look at that because apparently, I can ask for way more than that. I told you guys that we had to make sure that the toilet water wasn’t too cold in Steven Tyler’s personal toilet. Not only that, he had to have his own personal toilet. which was by the way delivered on Thursday and stayed locked the entire weekend until Steven Tyler got there. Nobody else was allowed to use it – that’s fine, no big deal.

Cory: Well [fellow co-host] Sauce’s not super, super famous because you’re a germaphobe.

Sauce: Yeah.

Cory: If you got super famous. If you got crazy famous you wouldn’t want anyone else going into your own private bathroom. So that sounds like Sauce.

Sauce: For sure but I wouldn’t care about the water temperature.

Cory: Before you start rippin’, rippin’, back to your original point – when you’re Aerosmith, you got that much equity, you have a Vegas residency and those are the entire shows you are slated to play for the entire year. If a festival comes along and says: “We’d really like for you to headline”, you can really ask for the world and say: “Well we really don’t want to leave Vegas but if you’re gonna make it worth our while, I’d like some nicely warmed up toilet water and my own private bathroom if you don’t mind.” You essentially have to go: Yes sir Mr. Tyler, right this way.”

Hawk: For sure.

Sauce: I feel like there is more.

Hawk: Amy and her staff did a great job of making sure they had everything they wanted. Everything was great, the security was great, unbelievable on Friday. It was so weird being somebody who has played a lot of country music festivals and country music shows, the differences between rock stars and country music stars. I mean literally Tim McGraw was just hanging out with people and he’s a huge star. Obviously not on the same level as Aerosmith but you would have thought the president was backstage. That’s how big the security was backstage on Friday for Aerosmith.

Cody: Before you start rippin’ again can I ask you a couple of questions?

Hawk: Certainly, go ahead.

Cody: Did we ever get to the bottom of what temperature toilet water Steven and why he wanted it that temperature?

Hawk: No, all we could figure out is that his balls hang really low and he didn’t want to freeze them.


Hawk: Yeah, that’s all we could figure and it me be the case.