Apache Rose’s ‘Attention!’ Is Instant Road Tripping Classic


A smooth and cunning band have entered the mix here at Alternative Nation. Their name is Apache Rose.

Apache Rose spoke about their recently released album, “Attention!”. The group had this to say: “We wanted to make an album like the ones we love, the one you could listen to on repeat. Like Aerosmith’s Rocks, Metallica’s Kill’em All, Sex Pistols’ Nevermind the Bollocks, Nirvana’s Nevermind, Soundgarden’s Superunknown, Stone Temple Pilots’ Core, Arctic Monkeys’ first album. We hope we succeeded.”

Judging by their video and song for the song “Easy”, I have to say they did a great job for those that like a more classic 90’s Alternative sound.

Over recent years, Alternative has changed from dark, gritty, and slow, to a more emo-like approach and brought new by a heavier edge.

Apache Rose really hit the nail on the head with the Stone Temple Pilots sound. The guitar work is great. The bass is really smooth, and the vocals feel nice in the mix. Also, the drums keep the pattern nice and neat.

Apache Rose make songs for road-trippers, I feel. They make songs that you just turn on and zone out to on a long drive. I feel like the vocalist is finding his voice, and seems like he is continuing to get better. His voice reminds me of Jim Morrison meets Scott Weiland. I feel that the vocalist is capable of more, however.

The songs that Apache Rose make are undeniably catchy. The lines repeat over and over, again really making sure that the main lines stick to your brain like peanut butter on the brain, like Layne Staley once sang for Alice In Chains. They write great pop songs, and I’m not saying that in a harsh way, I mean it as a high compliment. They feel like a big band. They feel like they can make hits.

To round up today’s review: Apache are made to be a big band. They take every trick in the book and make every song into an anthem. I would like them to keep carving out their sound, and continuing to grow. For a huge resurgence in the former sound of Alternative music, there has to be something new and edgy. Apache can definitely be part of this.

Also, for Apache Rose being from Russia, the vocalist’s English is fantastic. I would have never guessed they were from out of the country, and they definitely have a worldwide appeal. Tracks you should definitely check out include Easy, Backdoor Man, and Blind Spot.

Review written by Dustin Schumacher